Learn About Our Roofing Services in Waco, Texas

When it comes to a new roof in Waco, Texas or a roof repair in Waco, Texas, no one does it better than D & A Howard Construction. There are many different styles of roofs available to you, so you want to be sure you select a roof that fits your needs aesthetically as well as practically. D & A Howard Construction can help you find the perfect roof material that meets your needs. In addition to new roofs in Waco, Texas and re-roofs we can also fix roof leaks. Below you will find helpful information about home roofs in Texas and the roofing services we offer to homeowners. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

New Roofs, Re-Roofs & Roof Leak Repairs

We offer new roofs, re-roofs and roof leak repair services throughout Waco, Texas. We use only the best and most reliable roofing materials and always take the time to do the job right and according to code regulation. We have expertise in many different roof types, depending on your needs we can install shingle roofs, tile roofs and metal roofs. We can handle all your roof woodwork and provide outstanding roof warranties.


Asphalt Shingle Roofs, Tile Roofs & Metal Roofs

Roofs can be put on your home with many different material types and its important you always use the best roof material for your roof type. Asphalt shingles come in two types fiberglass and organic. Organic shingles are made from a recycled felt paper and have a lower fire rating than fiberglass shingles. Asphalt singles come in a wide range of color options and shades to help your roof look good aesthetically. Tile roofs come in many style and shapes. In addition, tile roofs are extremely durable and last for a very long time. Metal roofs are made from copper, aluminum or steel. Metal roofs no longer have the limited look of a shed roof you can actually select a metal roof material to match your architectural style.


Roof Types & Shapes

Drive through any Texas neighborhood and you will discover houses have many different roof shapes. Houses will have hipped, mansard, gable, gambrel, flat, and shed roofs. Many homes combine roof types on one roof. Its important to know the type and shape of your roof in order to know what roofing materiel is best suited for your home. D & A Howard Construction can come to your house and determine what roof type you have and make recommendations on the best roofing materiel.


Roof Insulation

Another important area of your roof is the insulation used. This is important because this helps your houses climate control. A better insulated roof will keep heat in during the winter and the heat out during the summer. There are many different types of roofing insulation such as blanket insulation, recycled insulation and spray insulation. No matter what the insulation type is that is best for your roof its important to make sure you have proper insulation and ventilation on your roof.


Roof Warranties

When it comes to putting a new roof on your home you always want to make sure the roof comes with a warranty. Not all warranties are created equal so its important to understand how a roof warranty works. There are material warranties. manufacturer warranties and there are workmanship warranties offered by the roofing contractor. Shingle warranties are the most common type of roof warranty, which may cover you for 20 to 50 years. When provided with a roof warranty always make sure it covers all defects of the products as well as the workmanship. It's never fun to spring a roof leak and find out your roofer wont fix it. D & A Howard Construction offers amazing roof warranties that will protect your investment and keep your house dry.